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Satellite Internet Keeps you Connected in Catastrophes

The internet has become an integral part of society. You’d not be reading this right now if it was not for the internet. Yet in disaster scenarios of all kinds will commonly result in internet loss. But if we simply accepted a loss, are we really a prepper? Thankfully, we still have an alternative available: Satellite Internet.

There are many reasons why investing in satellite internet is a good idea from a prepper perspective. It requires no infrastructure, so you can access it in places otherwise uncharted, such as a bug out location. For this reason, it also can work with any available power source. So you can still access the web in power outages, assuming you have a generator.

Whether you’re living in a remote cabin, or having to quickly evacuate your home, satellite internet allows you to still access the plethora of tools and information available online.

The efficiency doesn’t come without its flaws, however. Satellite internet is generally more expensive, slower, and subjective to poor weather. It also more commonly is structured under a limited bandwidth. If standard cable internet is available, it’s generally considered a better option.

But prepping is about being prepared for the bad, and satellite internet is a fantastic leg up when worse comes to worse. Even if you don’t wish to subscribe to the service, perhaps consider purchasing the necessary tools, so that it can be activated when you need it most.

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