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Baltimore Left Without Power for Days After Windstorm

We warned you about springtime storming bringing new risks, now we see evidence of this in Maryland. A powerful windstorm struck Baltimore over the weekend. Trees all over the area have been falling, damaging power lines in the process. This has left 400,000 homes without any power. While the Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. are doing the best they can to restore power, about 42,000 homes remained without power for multiple days later.

What Can I Do?

Living without power is tough, but it’s something we should be prepared for. Items like radios can be charged by generators, be it gas powered, or manual cranking. Having a supply of nonperishable goods is important for when the food in your fridge inevitably spoils. You can read our guide for how to cook food without power.

Safety First

Passing time isn’t the only problem; Fallen power lines are a serious risk to your life. Despite what TV and movies show you, active power lines won’t flail about, shooting blue bolts of light from its tip. They remain still and quiet. If you have fallen lines near you, it’s very important to identify them, and determine what dangers they present. Wet ground can still be a conductor of an electrical circuit, so can metals. If you see a broken line, play it safe and keep away.

Unfortunately, those living in the Baltimore area should expect to see a rise in insurance rates now. The company expects to have everyone’s power restored by the week’s end. They also encourage customers with outages and downed wires to call 877-778-2222.

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