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When Style Hits The Fan: High End Prepper Fashion

Just because you’re preppin’, doesn’t mean you cant look pimpin’. Disaster prep is becoming increasingly popular, to the point that billionaires and celebrities are starting to get into it. And where they go, fashion follows. Here some trendy (and expensive) items that will help you look fresh when SHTF.

The Prepster Black – Ultra Luxe Emergency Bag ($4,995.00)

Prepper Fashion

Prepper bags are a must. They contain all the essential items for last-minute emergencies. This bag is the highest in fashion, and in price, with designer prepper bags. It’s packed with top quality toiletries, a Garmin Satellite Messenger, a folding 15w Solar Panel, Solar & hand-crank Power Supply, Radio, LED Flashlight and USB jack as well as a 3-day Datrex water and food Supply with a 5-year shelf life.

The bag contains many more survival items, ranging from stainless steel flasks to paracords.

Bulletproof Backpack ($490.00)

Prepper Fashion

Available in a number of colors, this backpack is exactly what it says on the package: bulletproof. Made of strong synthetic material and lined with Kevlar and aluminum, it has a wonderful carrying capacity while also protecting your back from gunfire. It was even tested to the NIJ IIIA standards stopping a 357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 9mm, .45 caliber hollow point ammunition and more. You can’t find a better backpack that looks this good. Did I mention it’s only 6 lbs?

Bullet Resistant Woman’s Parka ($900.00)

Prepper Fashion

Keeping warm and when society falls apart is important, but so is your style. This parka is the perfect choice for women surviving a post-apocalyptic cold. The kevlar lining provides wonderful protection from most handgun bullets without restricting movement.

Bullet Resistant Hooded Raptor Jacket ($850.00)

Prepper Fashion

Women aren’t the only ones who get to look on fleek. This jacket is a great option for men. Thermal lining containing NIJ IIIA bullet resistant panels provide the wearer with both warmth and protection, same as the parka.

Pharrell Williams + Moncler Collection

Prepper Fashion

I wouldn’t have guessed that rapper, producer, and designer Pharell Williams would be all about that Prep Life, but his new line of bulletproof vests and riot shield styled sunglasses say otherwise.

The prices on all of these are obnoxiously high, but beauty is pain after all.

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