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Are We Storing Water The Wrong Way?

There is no survival substance more mandatory than water. Everyone needs it, a lot of people need to drink it more, and it’s the most important thing to have when a SHTF scenario drops. But are we storing it wrong?

There’s a long-running argument about the safety of bottled water in long term storage. Since water itself doesn’t go bad, the focus is instead on the container. If you’ve ever seen water with an expiration date, its because that’s when the manufacturer predicts that the plastics used to store it will break down.

Plastic bottles often contain various chemicals, such as BPA. While harmless in itself, they can be bad for the human body when consumed. According to a story by the University of Florida, these plastics can leak these chemicals into the water they’re containing if they get too hot. There have been ongoing studies as to how these chemicals can affect us. Though the FDA says they are ok in small levels.

The FDA also says low levels of sawdust in consumer parmesan is ok, so don’t take too much stock there.

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If you’re storing water, the best thing to do is store them in glass or stainless steel containers. Honestly, anything that doesn’t contain BPA is perfectly fine for avoiding all this trouble.

Regardless of the container, it’s recommended that you store water in a cool, dark place. This reduces the possibility of containers breaking down as well as evaporation.

Avoid placing the stored water near gaseous or other strong smelling chemicals, as they can seep into the water if the container is not sealed. Water does not need to be sealed to retain freshness, but if you feel more comfortable doing so, that’s perfectly fine.

If you’re to take anything away from all this, its to not leave a 24 pack of bottled water in your car during the summer. It’ll cook like an egg that way.

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