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The Home Improvement Tools Everyone Should Own

Not all prepping is for disaster. Unless you consider a broken oven a disaster. We as people will face home repair and maintenance far more often than we will an apocalypse. So why not have the necessary tools for the job.

Here are 10 items that every self-sufficient individual should have so that they can make nearly any repair they’re tasked with.

Quick disclaimer: get the good stuff. If you found your toolset near the checkout line or on a bargain, there’s a fair chance they aren’t very good. They break quick or underperform. Buying an expensive toolset once is cheaper than a cheap set four times.

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Screwdriver Set

This also can be one of those multi-tipped screwdrivers, but you get the point. If something needs to be opened up to be fixed, odds are it uses screws to stay shut. Having a selection of phillips, flathead, star, hexagon, and square screwdriver heads will allow you to open up all of them. Bonus points for if the tips are magnetic so that the screws don’t wander off when in use.

Wrench/Ratchet Set

If it’s not held together with screws, its held together with nuts and bolts. More commonly used in woodworking and large appliences, they offer greater torque and strength. Most people recommend a complete ratchet set to ensure a tight grip. But it’s always good to have an adjustable wrench, in case you lose a racthet head or theres a bolt that’s just not the size you have.

Claw Hammer

A hammer does what it does, hammers nails and other spikes into things. You shouldnt use makeshift items as hammers, it’s not safe. You want a claw hammer spesifically because it can pull out nails and act as a general crowbar-like tool when needed. An eight once hammer should be perfectly fine for home use, anything over 16 ounces is overcompensating.


Human fingers are stubby, soft, and unwieldy. So when we need to do careful, small work, we use pliers. They can bend metal better than by hand, grip items better than hands, and needle nose pliers allow us to manipulate items smaller than our hands can.

Wire Cutter/Stripper

If you’re doing any sort of electrical work, you will likely need to mess with some wires. But to do that, you need to have access to them. Wire cutters make it remarkably easier to have them the size you need, while strippers give you easy access to the important, copper insides. Just make sure you’re being safe when working with electricity. Unplug or disable power and cleanly cover any exposed wires.

Work Knife/scissors

Sometimes you have to cut something. Maybe you just need to open a box. Having an item designated for that its a good idea. That way you aren’t ruining your good kitchen knives or sizzors to do repairs.

Hand Saw

Depending on the types of repairs, you may need to cut something big and hard. A knife won’t do, you need a saw. The most common uses will be PVC and other plumbing pipes, wood, and drywall. Different saws are better for different tasks, so if you only get one, pick whichever best suits your needs.


Be it a flashlight or a lantern, light is good. Maybe you have to do some night time car repairs. Maybe the power went out. Heck, it just makes it easy to see under my bed. There are plenty of times where a light would be good to have. Make sure they are either battery powered or can be charged via shaking/a crank/manually.

Measuring Tape

If you’re replacing a basic compnent, such as the foot of a couch, a length of ventilation, or a rusted pipe, you need to know how much of it to replace. Measuring tape serves this purpose. Remember the rule: measure twice, cut once.


When most people think this, they think WD-40. And while it works as a temporary solution, it’s kind of a garbage choice of lubricants. Most people will suggest white lithium grease, which works perfectly fine for most uses. If you want the best lubricant, I suggest copper anti-seize lubricant. It’s more expensive, but you won’t find a better job.

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