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ZipStitch: An Alternative to Stitching Yourself Up

Not everyone likes getting stitches. Or even worse, not everyone is in a situation where you can get stitches easily. Fortunately for both of these people, there might be a suitable alternative: ZipStitch.

Choosing the right medical equipment can be a challenge. When you’re at home, it’s perfectly alright to have a surplus of uncommonly used gear. But when you’re traveling, you can’t pack everything. You have to decide what medical supplies are important enough. One increasingly popular “must-have” is this new, zip tie-like method for closing wounds.

ZipStitch is what they call an invasive suture. To speak simply, two plastic strips stick to the skin, where a zip tie-like feature pulls and holds them together. This allows the would it is surrounding to be held closed. This is a commercially available version of this, which has been used in professional environments for a while now.

It does come with a few restrictions, however. Small in size, they’re only meant for cuts and wounds up to 1 and a half inches long. They also need to be more or less straight cuts, holes or jagged edges will see less effectiveness with the product.

How To Use
  1. Wash Hands: Don’t want to set an infection.
  2. Stop Bleeding: Pressure and a gauze pad first. Get the blood to stop before you zip it closed.
  3. Clean Wound: standard first aid process, really. alcohol wipes and removing dirt/debris.
  4. Apply ZipStitch Over Wound: Remove the sticky covering and firmly apply to the skin. Remove the paper frame after.
  5. Tighten: Pull on the little zip ties on the device to tighten. Do a little bit on each strip gradually, do not fully zip a single strip at a time.
  6. Cover: Wrap in a medical wrap or cover in a large enough adhesive bandage. Do not apply any adhesive sections to the device itself, lest you accidentally remove it when changing the bandage.

ZipStitch can be found on Amazon at $30 for a 10 pack. People can also learn more about the product on their official website. We were not paid in any way by ZipStitch for this article, we just think it’s a cool piece of medical equipment.

ZipStitch Laceration Kit - Surgical Quality Wound Closure (Includes one Device for Wounds up to 1.5") for First Aid Kit, Car Kit, Outdoor/Survival Kit, Travel, Camping, Hunting, Hiking
Keep in your outdoor first aid kit for emergency preparedness or for home, workplace, school, dorm room, pools, wilderness adventures, camping, scouts, hiking, fishing, hunting, backpacking, sports, boating or mountain biking use
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