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Why You Should Avoid Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving where major corporations host discounts and saving comparably only to closing out sales. The idea sounds appealing. But hidden beneath the thin exterior of affordability lies a thicker core of bad news. Here are a few reasons why everyone should avoid and be wary of Black Friday.


Greed is one of the oldest sins. The idea of having more can drive people to all sorts of unruly behavior. Black Friday draws this out in folks. There are countless internet videos of wal-mart fights and Kohls beat downs where people are fighting over buying that new flat screen TV for 85 dollars. To participate in these shopping rushes puts you at a far greater risk of injury or assault by another shopper. It’s like trying to swim in piranha-infested water during feeding time because that’s when the water’s temperature is the most comfortable.

Degradation of Quality

Have you ever wondered how these stores can afford to sell such items at those prices? It’s not because of an overstock, or even that they’re willing to diminish their profit margins for the event. Many (if not all) companies will mass produce a cheaper version of the same product. This includes weaker or thinner materials or compounds. They then sell these cheaper variations on Black Friday, offsetting the large price drops. You can expect a Black Friday computer screen to develop dead pixels far sooner than if you bought the same item a different month.

This same concept can be applied to online sales and Cyber Monday deals.

Preparedness means knowing and understanding the hidden workings about present-day situations as much as it means getting ready for disaster. Be prepared for the future, don’t buy Black Friday items today.

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