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Why Venezuela is Eating Rotten Meat

Power outages can be inconvenient for some people, but disastrous for others. The Venezuelan town of Maracaibo has been resorting to rotten meat in the midst of a power grid failure.

The town has been experiencing rolling blackouts for the last nine months, which means much of the market’s available meats have been spoiling often. This was made into a worst case scenario when a fire destroyed their main power line on August 10, leaving them without power since.

“Butcher Johel Prieto said the outage turned an entire side of beef rotten. He ground up much of it and mixed it with a fresh, red meat in an attempt to mask the spoilage. -AP”

When in a poor society like this one, nutrients are rare, and even the rotten meat supplies are their only source of protein.

This is an excellent but unfortunate example of what one could expect with a full economic collapse. If you don’t make the needed preparations, you could find yourself in the same kind of scenarios. Fortunately, we have a fair list of reading resources of not only how to find or farm meat sources, but how to preserve them with dehydration and how to cook without power.

Self-sufficiency will be what keeps you going.

Source: AP News

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