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Why The Hunger Stones Appearing is a Problem

Have you heard of the hunger stones? It’s a rare topic to anyone out of the Czech Republic. But these stones are resurfacing, and that’s a problem.

Hunger stones are a collection of large rocks submerged under the water of Europe. These stones are used to mark legendary hardships from the past, namely through severe droughts. The idea is that if a drought becomes bad enough for these stones to appear, you’re in a situation equal to or worse than the people of the time the rock was planted.

Over a dozen hunger stones have appeared in the town of Decin, which runs along the Elbe River. Due to worldwide warming, the river level has dropped to more than dangerous levels, revealing the stones. The oldest stone appears to date back to the year 1616.

These rocks served as warnings as much as indicators. Droughts can lead to bad harvests, a food shortage, an increased cost of goods, and actual hunger for many families. The rocks tell current drought conditions as much as they predict future hardships. One stone bore an old German inscription that read: β€œWhen you see me, weep.”

The climate situation in Europe has been concerning as of late. They’re experiencing a heatwave greater than they have in a very long time. A recent study claims that this is β€œthe most extreme droughts driven by precipitation deficits during the vegetation period,” over the last 250 years. Add in the ominous message of the hunger stones and you have one big red flag.

Image Source: The Smithsonian

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