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How to Preserve Eggs for Longer

With chickens being a popular prepper livestock option, it’s important to know what you can do with their product, eggs. While the logical choice would be to refrigerate them after cleaning, It’s not the most ideal. You may need to keep them longer than normal eggs can, or you may want a non-refrigerated option. Here are a few ways to preserve eggs beyond that of normal.


One common way to preserve vegetables is to pickle them. Fortunately, this works for eggs too. Granted, this method will require refrigeration. But when done properly, it’ll allow your eggs to last significantly longer while introducing more flavor.

The process, in a simplified way, is to hard boil the eggs, peel them, and leave them in a vinegar brine solution with spices for weeks in the fridge. We recommend looking up a pickled egg recipe that sounds good to you. Maybe you can even add the spices to your garden supply.


Many folks don’t know that you can, in fact, freeze eggs. The process is a touch weird, but it’s a viable preservation method. You crack the raw egg into a container, seal it, and freeze. Then when you need it, take out and allow to thaw. It’s common to use ice cube trays to help portion out the frozen eggs.

Water Glass

No, this doesn’t mean you simply drop some eggs in water. Water glass was a popular preservation method before electricity was in common supply. The term “water glass” actually refers to sodium silicate. The compound (available on Amazon) has the ability to not allow the bacteria that cause spoilage to develop. By submerging eggs in the material, it will avoid spoiling.

We recommend a solution of 10% sodium silicate to 90% water. Boil the water and let cool before combining. Once prepared, pour the solution into a non-metal, sterilized container, and add the eggs pointed side down. Add as many eggs as you want, as long as it doesn’t damage each other. Seal tightly and leave in a comfortable temperature.


Should something befall your chickens and you find yourself without a regular egg supply, these methods can be the difference between being a resource or being wasted.

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