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Why Planting a Fruit Tree is Worth Your Time

Prepping is hard work. It takes a great deal of both physical and mental effort, but it doesn’t always have to. Trees are a great way to secure a steady and reliable supply of food with minimal gardening effort.

We’ve found better ways to grow potatoes and how to preserve meats for storage, but they both take work. A fruit-bearing tree trades the effort of maintenance with a single initial setup. The larger the tree grows to become, the more fruit you can get every season. Make survival 10 years from now easier by planting a tree today. Just remember to pick a fruit tree that can thrive in the area. No sense planting a lemon tree in Wisconsin.

While planting a fruit tree is fairly easy, there are still a few things to keep in mind when doing so. Let’s say you just bought a new peach tree sapling. You brought it to your home/bug out location and have chosen where you want to plant it. When digging the hole, make sure it is deep enough to encompass the entire bass of the sapling, and approximately twice as wide. This will help promote healthy root growth. Stem the sapling, helping it grow upwards and strong. Is the area flush with animals? Fence it off. The last thing you need is a deer chewing on your precious peach tree. Lastly, water it. When its just baby, it will still need help getting the nutrition it needs. Once it’s grown and the roots have ingrained themselves into the earth, it will be able to gather the water it needs well enough on its own.

If I had to choose, I’d plant a cherry tree. While they don’t provide that much edible material, I just love the flavor.

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