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How to Open a Can Without Any Tools

Sometimes we find ourselves unprepared. While of course preventing that is the entire purpose of prepping, no one is perfect. When you’re in a disaster scenario, and your only source of food is a canned good, odds are a can openner isn’t something you managed to keep a hold of. Here’s how you can open that can safely and efficiently.

Most people’s inclination is to stab the can with a knife. Don’t do this. Doing so is a real easy way to cut yourself accidentally. And in scenarios like this, hospitals aren’t going to be an option available to you. Then getting food becomes secondary to your now-problematic wound.

So let’s say you have nothing but the shirt on your back, and a can of tuna, what can you do? The answer is simpler than you might think. Rub it on the ground. Well, by ground, I mean concrete. Take the top of the can, place it on top of a slab of concrete, and while applying pressure, rub it against the slab. Doing this will grind down on the metal rim gradually. After doing this long enough, you can simply squeeze the can, popping the lid right off.

Still not understanding? Check out this video demonstrating the process.

Granted, this entire issue can be resolved by practicing constant carry. specifically with a Swiss army tool set.

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