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What Kind of Pants do Preppers Wear?

The most important thing to keep on you is arguably your clothes. While you could survive in a parka and some parachute pants well enough, the right pants can make that extra step up from ready to prepared.

Much like shoes, there are multiple pants for multiple purposes. Winter-ready pants will be thicker and more resistant to water, while desert camo will be both utilitarian while whisking away heat. So when you bug out, what pants will you get?

Tonka Tough

In a bug out scenario, you need something that will last, regardless if you’re somewhere urban, rural, or full-on wilderness. Pants take the most damage and wear over time of any piece of clothing. Since the bugging out process can be a long and cumbersome one, you should pick out something that you know will endure it as long as you can.

Though this mantra extends beyond bugging out. The basic daily routine of a prepper will induce abrasion on your trousers. This includes gardening, collecting firewood, hunting, and any sort of construction. When not rubbing against earth, wood, and metal, its stretching and folding as you work.

They Can Do More

Pants cover our legs, but they are capable of more than that. Cargo pants, for example, provide a significant increase in carrying space and capacity. Though my favorite is carpenter pants, which provide extra loops and pockets for quick access to important tools, without the heavy, cumbersome downsides of cargo pants.

What Brands to Try

There’s a variety of different brands, each with their strengths and weaknesses. In regards to durability, Duluth Trading and Carhartt are commonly considered the best options. Some others will recommend Tractor Supply’s Schmidt, and Northern Tool’s Gravel Gear as well.

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