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What is Martial Law, How to Survive it

One thing people prepare for is a government fallout. With our current political climate, I don’t blame them. But it’s not as if the government will suddenly disappear, there will be symptoms. Martial law is a common symptom of a failing government, but what exactly is Martial law?

It is the imposition of military control over a civilian area and its functions of government. This can allow the government to force laws that would otherwise never come to pass, such as curfews and the suspension of civil laws/civil rights. You might see martial law implemented in instances of invasion, occupation, protest, or insurrections. If you were to defy martial law, you would be subjected to military tribunal.

There are many reasons to enact martial law, and losing control over their own country is a rather common one. It’s a sign that we’re nearing a SHTF scenario. Should you find yourself in such a situation, here are a few things you can do to get through it safely.

Keep Your Head Down

There will be many eyes looking for anything that stands out. You won’t want to draw any attention to yourself, or your prepper status. If you need to travel, don’t carry much and keep in casual clothes. This is also another reason why practicing good Op-Sec is important.

Keep Your Ears Open

Listen to the radio, your neighbors, the talk of the town. Find out what you can about current military movements and actions. With the information, you can be prepared.

Don’t Push Back

When dealing with the authority, don’t resist them. Be respectful and cooperative. Causing a stir is a quick way to gather far too much unneeded attention. Regardless of how prepared you are, odds are they’re far better equipped to deal with any resistance. Swallow your pride and behave.

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