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Bon Appetit: Alternative Fuel Options for Cooking

As a prepper handling food storage, you need to consider your alternative fuel options. It will be extremely likely that you will have no power, meaning that, you won’t be able to cook your food with a stove – even a gas stove, as a gas stove requires electricity. So what are you alternatives for fuel sources when it comes to cooking? You’ll find here some of the best alternative stoves in times of need.

1. Solar Ovens

Solar ovens require the power of the sun, as its aluminum reflectors bake foods using the sun’s energy. Not only can you cook foods, but you can sterilize water with this type of oven. The Global Sun Oven Cooker and the All American Sun Oven are two of the best solar ovens you can buy.

2. Alcohol Stoves

Alcohol stoves are perfect camp stoves for beginners, as they are simple to use and are extremely portable. Furthermore, they are typically inexpensive and require denatured alcohol, a clean-burning fuel. Two major examples of alcohol stoves are the Out-d Stainless Steel Alcohol Stove Camping Stove and the Solo Alcohol Burner.

3. Propane Stoves

Propane is a fuel that can sustain itself in freezing temperatures and high altitudes. Unfortunately, propane tanks are a little on the heavier side, so they would be harder to carry around. This type of stove would be best at a campsite or in a backyard. Two popular propane stoves are the Coleman Propane grill stove and the Camp Chef outdoor camp oven.

4. Butane Stoves

Butane stoves aren’t ideal for below-freezing temperatures, but they are suitable if you live in an area that does not suffer from that particular weather. Butane stoves come in pressurized tanks, but unfortunately, the cartridges cannot be refilled. Furthermore, butane stoves are a bit harder to find compared to the other stoves. Two examples of butane stoves are the GAS ONE GS-1000 7,650 BTU portable gas stove, as well as the Iwatani Corporation of America ZA-3HP portable butane stove burner.

5. Biomass Wood-burning Stoves

With a wood-burning stove, you’ll have an endless supply of fuel in your backyard. All you’ll need is dry wood! Or, if you want to be a little fancier, some charcoal (though it is a good idea to carry that as a backup). Two helpful examples of biomass wood-burning stoves are the Biolite wood burning stove and the Ohuhu camping stove.

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