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United States Military Reveals New Missile Defense System

The United States military continues to be a mighty force to be reckoned with. Now they’re even harder to fight, with the reveal of a new anti-missile system to compete with modern weaponry.

Referred to as the Air and Missile Defense framework, or AMD, the U.S. Army revealed a new upgrade to the system on March 27. This new system will pursue multi-mission units and counter hypersonic missile or unmanned aerial vehicle attacks.

According to Lt. Gen. James Dickinson, the AMD forces are intended to “create windows of superiority” in the air.

“Our vision is that the AMD force of 2028 will provide the combatant commanders with a flexible, agile, and integrated AMD force capable of executing multi-domain operations and defending the homeland, regional joint and coalition forces, and critical assets in support of unified land operations. To do this, we will execute four lines of effort. We will modernize and develop AMD capabilities; build AMD capacity for multi-domain operations; provide trained and ready AMD forces; and maintain forward presence and build allied and partner capacity.

Hypersonic Missile Defense System Graph

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an impressive boost in the development of hypersonic missiles and drone-based attacks. Old anti-air technology was either too slow or not agile enough to handle these sorts of attacks. This new system, however, will make short work of such assaults.

With international conflict one of the biggest risks toward a SHTF scenario, news of a better defensive system is a breath of reassuring air toward preppers fearing the worst.

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