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All The Different Places You Should Be Storing Water

One of the most common tips preppers give people is to stockpile water. Should something happen that cuts off your water supply can be a nightmare if unprepared. But here’s something about water storage you might not have considered: where to store it.

In this case, our answer is: everywhere! Here are some reasons why you might want to store water in different or unconventional places.

Around The House

In the closet, under the bed, by your desk. There are dozens of places around the house you can store water. Best done in personal bottles or jars, save the large containers for the basement or garage. Should the waterlines go out, these can serve as additional water sources to get by until a more permanent supply can be established. It can also serve as immediate access to water in a fire emergency. It’s a lot easier to put out a small flame when you already have water on hand.

In The Car

Being stranded in a vehicle is more likely than you might think, be it a snow-in, car accident, or just stranded without fuel. When you’re stuck waiting for help, having a supply of water to replenish yourself will be a godsend.

On Your Person

The habit of carrying a satchel, bag, or backpack with you regularly is becoming increasingly common in today’s society. This couldn’t be better news for preppers. Because now, we can carry a variety of constant carry emergency items without drawing people’s attention. Why not add water to that list? There will be plenty of reason we are in a place without water, and you’ll be glad you brought some when that happens.

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