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U.S. Food Safety Service Announced Massive Beef Recall for Salmonella

Bad news, meat eaters: you might have bad beef. the Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has announced a bad batch of meat, saying that anyone with said meat should avoid eating it.

According to the FSIS, an approximate 6.9 million pounds of beef are being recalled by one of the country’s largest meat producers, JBS USA. Any meat originating from the company’s facility in Tolleson, Arizona from July 21 to September 7 may be contaminated with salmonella.

Due to the delay in issuing the recall, this affects those with frozen reserves of meat the most. Like preppers, for example. None of this meat should still be on store shelves.

Unfortunately, much of this meat was sent to businesses for immediate use. So far, 56 individuals in 16 states have reported falling ill to the tainted meat, 14 of which were hospitalized.

What to Look For

According to the FSIS, consumers should toss out any beef they have that was listed with the aforementioned dates, or with USDA inspection code EST 267. If you suspect your beef is part of the bad batch, best toss it away.

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