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Trump Shares Misinformation About French Riots

If you’re the type to stay tuned to current events, you may have heard about the protests and riots in France right now. While a problem in their own right, the situation has now highlighted how our own government leader might not be trusted to share honest information. President Trump recently shared false claims of socialism and “Trump chanting” in France.

It began with a tweet by Charlie Kirk, a conservative political activist with a preference for Trump and a large following. His tweet implies socialism in France is the source of the riots, that American economy is doing amazingly, and that French protesters are chanting “we want Trump” in the streets. Trump himself would later retweet this post, sharing it on the presidential Twitter account.

“There are riots in socialist France because of radical leftist fuel taxes

Media barely mentioning this

America is booming, Europe is burning

They want to cover up the middle-class rebellion against cultural Marxism

“We want Trump” being chanted through the streets of Paris”

The problem? None of this is actually true. The problems in France began when French President Emmanuel Macron announced a new gas tax, increasing prices by about 30 cents a gallon, with expectations for a greater rise. Since gas prices are already around $7 a gallon there, this created public tension.

The riots began when Marcon didn’t use that tax to support public endeavors, but the exact opposite. He’s been cutting social welfare program funds while reducing labor protection laws. The riots are about Marcon’s abuse over the French economy, hurting citizens while aiding large businesses, not about socialism.

As for the chanting, that’s also false. Kirk is presumably referencing a video that spread when a group of UK citizens were chanting the phrase as a man in a Trump mask danced on top of a bus. This is not part of the French riots. It was most likely just a crowd of Brits being silly, given the circumstances.

What This Means for Us

Trump sharing this information on the official presidential Twitter has large implications regarding the trustworthiness of what information our government is sharing with us. It’s an example of a clearly false spread of misinformation, or “fake news.” If Trump is willing to lie to us about foreign protests, what else are they lying about?

Lying to the public is one of the first traits of a totalitarian rule. Propaganda becomes law and before you know it, America has become a second-world country. When a SHTF event occurs, we might not be able to trust our government to aid us, or even to be honest to us.

Be wary of what you hear, preppers.

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1 Comment

  1. Joe America December 10, 2018

    Did some Frenchman say we want Trump, probably. Are they all saying that? No. They are ALL saying over and over Macron Démission (resign).

    Arrogant Macron was elected by fraud, he hates France and hates working class Frenchmen, 82% of France want him gone.
    Globalism can kiss their French arses. Global Warming Taxes (Fuel Tax) must end, stop the fleecing of French to enrich the corrupt parasitic Oligarchs, especially those in Brussels, it’s time for Frexit!
    The Muslim invasion must stop, live in France become French, stop bleeding the French people dry to support Muslim criminal behavior as the native French suffer in poverty to support this. There is a long list of other demands, many are I want my cake and eat it too contradictions. This is because this movement is virtually all of France, left, right center, up, down – every point of view.

    Because this does not fit the mainstream narrative most of what is going on in France is being omitted by western press, in fact they essentially misrepresent what is going on which is vastly more harmful and an intentional lie which the average working class French Yellow Vest is very furious about. They could care less about Trumps gloating.

    It is true Trump is no humble man but he again has some right to gloat a bit as this whole Paris climate thing has utterly self destructed.

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