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Mini Cows: The Better Bovine for Preppers

Cows may be the nations most common livestock. But when it comes to self-sufficient homesteading, they’re a bit big for most people. Big animals need more food, more care, and more space. But there’s a solution for preppers who want some bovines: mini cows.

Mini cows, like the normal sized ones, will also produce milk and can be butchered for meat, albeit to a smaller degree. But they require less food, and far less land as well. But since most preppers are only looking to support a single family, the offset is far more worth it. Your family doesn’t need the 4-8 gallons a day that a regular cow produces. And you won’t need to purchase a massive freezer for all the meat harvested from a regular cow.

Popular Breeds
  • Lowlines or miniature Angus,
  • mini Hereford
  • mini Zebus
  • Galloway
  • Belfairs
  • Dexters
  • miniature Jerseys
Things to Consider

While they don’t need as much land, they still need some. Most farmers recommend 0.5 to 1 acre of land per mini cow. They will still require regular feeding, shelter, and all the comforts of your standard livestock. More specialized care can be detailed by the registered farm that you’d be purchasing said cow from.

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