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This Disaster Bunker is Renting Condos for $2 Million

What would your disaster plan be if you had a budget of $2 million? You could live in the Survival Condo Project, for starters.

Project owner Larry Hall purchased an abandoned missile silo and renovated it into the highest class bunker you’ll ever see. The massive bunker is designed for the wealthy to have a place to escape when disaster strikes, according to Hall.

“Since the election of Donald Trump we have seen a whole new demographic of people calling in. People we didn’t know they existed before.”

Powered by wind turbines, the bunker also has diesel generators, with enough fuel for over 2 years. Its expansive growery can support over 70 different types of plants. It even has luxuries like a swimming pool and artificial windows “to the outside.”

The cost for one of the condos? A mere $2.3 Million. No word on the bunker’s maximum capacity, nor how full reservations are already. I do know one thing: I’m envious.

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