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The Truth on Tactical Knives

The tactical knife is one of the most standard Constant Carry items a prepper can have. There’s a difference between having a knife and knowing your knife. Here are some things to keep in mind, whether it’s when using a knife, or reacting to someone else’s.

Dull Body, Sharp Blade

Knives are utilitarian. If someone is selling you a fancy looking piece, there’s a fair chance it suffers in other ways. A sharp knife is more important than oriental blades or camo print. Practice good sharpening habits, and keep it modest.

The Ideal Steel

No single steel is better than any other. When one kind is better in one aspect, it falls flat in others. You can’t have it all. Some are durable, others sharpen easier, and others are less corrosive. Choose the steel that best fits your needs, and don’t trust catchall claims from salesmen.

Fixed vs Folding

Fixed bladed knives, such as Ka-BARs, are often marketed toward preppers. Their traditional military usage instills a sense of legitimacy as a serious tool. The reality is that they’re not any better than a folding knife. While the lack of moving parts makes it more durable, the folding knife can be stored more easily stored away. Not to mention fixed knives are far more intimidating. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

You have probably heard the classic phrase “Rush a gun, and run from a knife.” It doesn’t matter how prepared you are, if someone is attacking you with a knife, you should run. A blade is only deadly within range, and trying to confront someone with one is generally considered a lethal risk. Don’t play macho hero only to get yourself killed.

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