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The Three Biggest Aspects of Disappearing Entirely

Not everyone preps the same way. Some will fortify their home and bunker down till the end of days. Others get ready to evacuate when the SHTF, and some just disappear. I’m talking about full on, no one can find you, leave no trace, living off the grid kind of disappearing. If you’re looking to be the last one, here’s how to start.

Create Distance

Not physical distance, but societal. People are the oldest ties known to man. If you’re wanting to leave no trace, then weekly bowling sessions with the boys won’t exactly work. Gradually interact with friends and family less. Make excuses to not attend social events, things like that. The idea is that when you actually leave, people don’t immediately start asking questions. This is one of the sadder aspects to disappearing, and the primary reason why many preppers DON’T want to live off-grid.

No More Big Bank

There’s a reason “money trail” is a phrase in modern culture. Bank transactions, credit cards, all of it can be followed. This is why you’ll need to withdraw all of your money from your bank accounts. Gradually remove small sums of cash, stashing them in a safe or otherwise secure location. If you take all your money out at one time, it’ll draw attention.

At the same time, you cant vanish without funds. So don’t be trying to disappear with empty pockets, save up your money until you have a comfortable budget.

Delete Facebook

Social Media keeps the modern man connected to the world to a far greater degree than before the technology age. For the same reason, you should cut these ties. If you’re Facebook and Instagram is logging in where you are whenever you post, it does little good disappearing, does it? If you want to truly live off-grid, you’ll have to get rid of your email as well. Every email sent and read is logged by IP address, which can be used to follow a trail. If you must use these technologies, we recommend using a proxy system.

These don’t cover the entirety of how to disappear, but they’re one of the biggest and most common.

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