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The Secret Power of Pillowcases

Not all prepper tools are tactical steel and survival kits. Some of them are rather unorthodox. A perfect example of this is the modest pillowcase. The cotton-made crusader is surprisingly diverse in its usefulness. Here are a few ways that stocking a simple pillowcase might save the day.


Simple enough, use it as a bag. It’s literally a bag, after all. Whether you’re gathering wild berries, kindling for a fire, or have a sudden need to hold an obnoxious amount of limes, a pillowcase can do that.


Pillowcases are thin. They’re thin enough to filter out water fairly well while still retaining any sticks, bugs, and such. This makes for a good pre-boil water filter.


Granted, this can be applied to nearly any fabric item, but it can make for a good emergency material. Examples include slings, bandages, to even a diaper in more dire circumstances. Or if you’d rather keep it clean, its also a fairly effective dust/smoke mask


Speaking of smoke, cotton is rather flammable, so a portion of the pillowcase could be used to start a fire.

They’re not large and can be easily stowed away in camping gear, bug out bags, and vehicle kits. So why not just throw in a pillowcase?

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