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The Prepper Potential with Power Gels

Often times in survival media (video games, movies, etc), one of the driving concepts is getting proper nutrition. This makes sense, finding food in a SHTF scenario isn’t always easy. We as humans require a variety of different nutrients to stay alive. This is why I wanted to talk about “power gels.”

This is a dramatic name for a type of food paste developed for fitness enthusiasts. They’re small pouches containing a paste-like substance full of vitamin and minerals that your body needs. particularly when you’re working hard. Beyond a hard workout, there’s a fair amount of prepper potential with these items.

They’re small, portable, inexpensive, don’t require refrigeration until opened, and have a rather long shelf life. For these reasons, they’re becoming an increasingly popular item to add to people’s bug out bags, cars, and bunker food supplies. A single-use packet usually costs a little over a dollar, so you can buy a large supply at a small cost.

There is a small catch. Many power gels will contain caffeine to help keep you going for longer. This makes sense with workout and the need for extended survival scenarios. Caffeine is addictive, however. When consuming, it’s important to not let the addictive quality encourage you to eat more power gels when not necessary, and be prepared for a lethargic crash when you stop eating the power gels.

If you’re interested in trying power gels or adding them to you prep stashes, we recommend the GU Energy Gel Assorted 24 Pack on Amazon for about $33 ($1.37 a pack). I’m told that the Vanilla bean, Blackberry, and Tri-berry flavors are some of the best tasting ones on the market.

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