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Are the Waves of Earthquakes a Problem for the Yellowstone Super Volcano?

Some people believe that when the SHTF, it’ll be because we as people like to treat each other poorly (war, government collapse, and things like that). Others believe the planet is going to take us out before we get that chance to. If the recent earthquakes around Yellowstone’s supervolcano are anything to look at, they might be right.

Since June, a number of earthquakes have been bothering the Yellowstone National park. Approximately 2,500 earthquakes have occurred between now and June 12.

But it’s not as bad as it sounds, they’re starting to go away according to an update by the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. So far, none of the quakes have caused the supervolcano to start up. If it did, you’d probably have heard about it.

University of Utah researcher Jamie Farrell spoke about the situation.

“It definitely is an active volcano. It garners a lot of news attention and a lot of people think that anything that happens, it’s ready to erupt. There’s no evidence of an eruption anytime soon—right now it’s just doing what normal active volcanos do.”

Farrell reassures us that they’re monitoring the situation and seeing what they can parse from the information.

“We’ll look at the patterns of earthquakes and see if they illuminate any subsurface faults we don’t know about, and look at the type of earthquakes to see if they can tell us what’s going on.”

Volcanos have been the topic of concern for a number of preppers. The Hawaii situation not long ago has reminded people of their danger. The most common myth referenced is that a volcano erupts catastrophically every 600,000 years. We remember Pompeii. Though there is little scientific evidence that this is the case. So we shouldn’t be expecting another major burst soon.

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