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The Massive Potential of Paracords

You’ve probably heard or seen a prepper pack with a paracord in it. But have you ever considered why exactly? Parachute cables, AKA paracords, are possibly the best survivalist utility there is. They can help you survive, keep alive, and more.

First and foremost, they’re affordable. You can get 100 feet of it for only 12 dollars. It’s lightweight too, so you can both financially and physically afford to carry more than enough. We recommend the Type III 7 Strand 550 Paracord by Paracord Planet. It’s a good quality to price ratio and comes in a massive color selection.


Paracords are primarily kept as a survival utility. That’s where you’ll get the most improvised use out of them, anyway. They can be used as straps for rifles, bags, and such. Small strips can be used to mark a trail. They’re strong enough to be used for a makeshift zip line, as well. You can secure wooden logs, form bridges or rope ladders, hang meats to dry. Lash a raft! If you have enough, it can even be used for a fire starter. One of my favorite tricks is to use is as a tripwire around a campsite. Simply string the cord around the perimeter and attack bells or other noisy objects. The mantle can even be melted down into an effective adhesive. The outdoor potential is simply massive.


In more extreme cases, the paracord can also provide value in performing survival medical treatment. The kern (the thing threads inside the cord) are strong enough to use as a suture. The paracord itself, combined with some sticks, can be fashioned into a splint. Tightening the cord using a stick can make it into an effective tourniquet.


Though not everything is about life or death wilderness survival. Paracord can prove helpful in day to day problems. This includes a clothesline, drawstring replacements, swings, and even a safety line when working in high-up places. Using the right knots and it could secure large objects to a vehicle for transport.

All in all, there are tons of reasons to get some paracord. And none of them have been skydiving!

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