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Stockpiling Ammunition: Things to Consider

We talk a lot about guns, but what about bullets? There’s little point in owning a gun if you can’t ever use it. and a well-stocked firearm can be a literal lifesaver in a SHTF scenario. But there’s more to ammunitions than just having some. How much is enough? How should you store it? What kind should you stock? These are important things to consider if you want to get by in the long run.

How Much Should You Stock?

This is a common and completely valid question. If you’re expecting a SHTF scenario, then you know that eventually, you’ll run out. Theoretically, you should stock as much as possible. Obviously, this isn’t as feasible in practice. You have food, water, and other survival supplies to prepare as well, after all.

What do most prepper gun enthusiasts recommend? 1,000 rounds. If that’s too much, 500 rounds. That may seem like way too much, but consider the length of time you may be without access to more. EMP attacks can leave a society in ruins for as long as 10 years. That 1,000 rounds become 100 every year. That’s less than 4 rounds a week. If you’re hunting, you’ll know well enough that you’re going to need more than 4 bullets a week to get by.

Building Your Stockpile

Now I’m not saying you should go out and drop hundreds on a surplus of bullets (though that’d certainly do the job). You can slowly build your stockpile over time. Set a designated span of time, such as each paycheck, or once a month, and purchase one box of ammunition each time. In two years, you’ll have more than enough stored away.

Storing Your Ammunition

You can’t just throw your bullets into a closet and forget. There are some precautions to be made. While ammo can last a very long time, that’s only when properly stored. Here are a few practices to keep in mind when storing your ammo away.

Don’t leave them out in the open. A proper ammo container should be used when storing ammo. They’re designed to keep your ammo “fresh” for as long as possible. A common recommendation is the .50 caliber ammo can. It’s large enough to store whatever you’re stocking while still being small enough to carry. Try getting a different can for each ammo type.

Store them inside. This may sound obvious, but it’s a mistake people make. You want a cool, dry area that isn’t subject to the elements, if possible. Moisture will ruin your bullets the most, given their metal composure. If you live in a damp environment, some recommend getting a dehumidifier for the storage room you choose.

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