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Some Items You Should Be Keeping In Your Car

Aside from our homes and workplace, the place we spend most of our time is our cars. Society runs on transportation, after all. But how ready is YOUR car for the worst?

Most folks have basic automotive tools in their car: a jack, a spare tire, and some jumper cables. While these will be some of the most common tools a driver needs, they’re hardly the full spectrum of preparedness. There are plenty of other items that everyone should keep in their car. Here are a few you may not have considered.

  • A Local Map: We’re lucky to live in a world where the average adult has a smart phone with GPS capabilities. It’s much harder to get lost on the road with a GPS available. But sometimes fortune isnt in our favor. The phone is out of charge, or forgotten at home, or broken. If you’re somewhere unfamiliar, then you’ll be left wandering, lost. We recommend having a large paper map of your area. Go full state sized, if you can manage it. This would be a great backup navigation tool if you ever need one.
  • Some Long-Lasting Food: When your car breaks down and you can’t fix it yourself, then you’re forced to sit and wait. Either you’re waiting for the tow truck you called to arrive or you’re waiting for someone nearby to stop and help. In some places, you might find yourself waiting for a good while. Having some food stored away can keep you from going hungry while you await help.
  • A Flashlight: Changing a tire or checking the engine is a hassle. It’s even more of a hassle when it’s dark. Having a flashlight and some batteries for it can save you a fair bit of trouble. Even better is if the flashlight can be charged via the car’s cigarette port.
  • Portable Air Compressor: A flat tire is an easy fix, assuming you have an air compressor. If not, then it’s a bit of a challenge. Instead of changing tires into a spare or a boot, going home, filling it, and changing it again, you can avoid all the trouble with a portable compressor. Easily our #1 tool, from personal experience.

This isn’t a complete and exhaustive list, of course. There are plenty more items one could have. Blankets, water, flares, and a hand-cranking battery unit are a few examples. But one step at a time, right? Stay safe, preppers.

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