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Russia Orders Troops Into Ukraine, Incites Sanctions from Western Nations

Tensions have been building between Russia, Ukraine, and the rest of the world. Unfortunately, things have not settled. Russia has ordered troops to enter Ukraine, and western nations will/have imposed various sanctions and restrictions in response.

Tuesday morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered troops to enter two breakaway regions along the eastern border of Ukraine. The move has drawn condemnation from various nations in the west. The United States call it an invasion and are threatening sanctions.

In response, Germany has stopped the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, cutting off the export of gas from Russia. Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced intentions to suspend certification of the process as well, calling the move a “serious break of international law.”

The Ukrainian President Volodymy Zelenskyy is considering breaking diplomatic ties, following the movement of troops. This follows the overall peaceful and passive behavior the nation has taken so far.

Where the complication lies is in the actual territory itself. The zones that the Russian troops have entered are held by Ukrainian separatists and pro-Russian groups. Putin claims that the troops’ introduction is to keep the peace. But it’s not hard to look at this from a distance and see that they’re taking advantage of the dissenting population to claim the land for themselves.

The rest of the world knows exactly what this is. And they aren’t happy. For weeks now, nations like America have been pressuring Russia to not follow through with their plans. These heeds being disregarded marks a very concerning mindset for Russia. It’s clear that they will do whatever they desire, including invading other nations for their own gain. 

Many folks are concerned this may develop further, sparking a third world war. While that is a bit dire, the possibility is uncomfortably present. War is one of the more likely ways that we may achieve a SHTF scenario, so it’s important that we keep a close eye on things like this.

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