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Prepper Protocol: Hiking With Dogs

Dogs are a man’s best friend and a common prepper companion. But if you want them by your side at all times, they need to behave out in the wilderness and the owner needs to know how to handle them.

The best way to have a smart and healthy dog when in the wild is to get practice. Best way to do that is to go hiking with them. But unlike actual wilderness, people share these hiking paths. Here are some of the most common tips for when roaming the great outdoors with your great Dane.

  • Keep Control. Your dog should remain in earshot and within sight. Check on if a hiking trail requires dog leashes. If so, keep a short leash on them if possible (six to ten feet).
  • Accommodate Other Hikers. Yield to them and make your dog heel. This helps reassure other hikers and ensures you can control your dog around strangers when you need to. Make sure both the hikers and your dog know that there is no threat to be had.
  • One Dog at a Time. You may have more than one dog and want to bring them all out on a hike, but that’s a risky move if not properly trained. If you don’t have confident control of a dog, don’t bring another. Alternatively, bring more people, such as family and friends, to each manages a single dog.
  • Collect/Bury Poo. As part of the “leave no trace” stuff, either collect or bury any poo, from you or your dog. Leaving it exposed can harm an unfamiliar ecosystem and possibly attract unwanted animal attention.
  • Do not drink the water. It’s easy for a pet to get a waterborne illness from drinking river/stream water. Feed them purified water whenever they need it so that they aren’t tempted.

Otherwise, everything that applies to regular dog care applies to this as well. Happy prepping, puppers!

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