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Some Prepper Lingo and Slang You Might Not Have Known

Like with most communities, language evolves to suit it. But sometimes the language evolves faster than we can keep up with. Here are some prepper slang and lingo you might not have known about.

Bugging Out

One of the most common terms, you probably will know this one already. This is the act of leaving your current living situation to find safety in reaction to a disaster. Bugging out is leaving, bugging in is bunkering down at your home. a BOB is a Bug Out Bag, a BOL is a Bug Out Location, and a BOV is a Bug Out Vehicle.


Standing for “All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment” Pack. It was an old military pack system designed to make optimal use of their space. It’s since been replaced by the MOLLE, or Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment pack.

Carrington Event

This is in reference to a geomagnetic storm from 1959. A Carrington event is used to describe a solar storm-based event that has the potential to cause blackouts, power loss, and even a catastrophe through geomagnetic destruction.

Faraday Case

It’s an EMP proof box to store things in case of a Carrington event.


Some preppers plan on bugging out without their friends or family. An INCH, which stands for “I’m Never Coming Home,” is a short, prepared message you send out to tell them that you’ve bugged.

Junk Silver

There were 90% silver coins in circulation in the U.S. until 1964. These are a common prepper silver item since they have little value beyond the silver contained inside.


A combination of “Operational Security,” this is the idea that you need to keep some of what you are doing a secret. If the world knows you have a nuclear bunker, everyone will come breaking down your door when the bombs fall. We wrote about this in depth in a different article.


The word that inspired this post, TEOTWAWKI is an abbreviation of “The End of the World as we know it”. It means the same as SHTF (Sh*t Hits The Fan) but on a global scale. This can include nuclear war, giant meteors, government failure, and immense natural disaster akin to The Day After Tomorrow.


This is a SHTF scenario where the government has failed and lost control of their nation. It means Without Rule of Law. These situations involve more societal dangers than natural or nuclear.


Based on the 1913 novel by Anna Sewell of the same name. A Pollyanna is someone who remains optimistic despite experiencing stressful troubles.


This is an acronym that means “End Of The World Buddy For Life.” It represents a person you trust by your side in the event of any and all disasters.

There’s still a ton of other acronyms and phrases out there. This is only an introduction to the lingo.

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