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We previously talked about choosing the right prepper homestead, but what about the furnishings therein? While anyone can have your standard furniture, there are plenty of prepper-friendly alternative and additions. Not only do they serve their daily purposes just as well, but they can give you the leg up when it comes to storage, access, and organization.

Storage Beds

Bedframes were originally created to help stave off bugs from crawling all over your sleeping space. The modern family no longer has to have such struggles, but the bedframe habit remains. The space under your bed is prime real estate when it comes to large storage that you can immediately access as soon as you awake. One common idea is a bed frame that comes with drawers installed. I have one of these, and I absolutely love the utility of it. But if you don’t want to invest in an entirely new bed frame, there are also rolling drawers that you can easily slide under your sleep zone. Whether it’s a bug out bag, a home defense firearm, or simply your sock drawer, there’s plenty of use to be had here.

Weapon Tables

I’m not referring to tables that you hit people with. Though there are mace and shield end tables, if you’re into that. I’m talking about tables that have hidden locations for weapons. These allow you to access a self-defense firearm no matter what room you’re in. If you aren’t looking to purchase a custom table for such a purpose, there are three ways you can modify your existing furniture to conceal a weapon. tactical holsters, magnet racks, or hidden shelves. These items don’t even have to be used on tables. Many of these can be installed on various other home furnishings to suit your needs.

In-Wall Shelves

This one requires the most DIY effort of the three. Walls often have a bit of space between them. If there’s enough room, you could install an in-wall shelf. These bookcases take full advantage of the newfound space. This allows homeowners to increase the amount of shelf space in a home without having to sacrifice floor space like you would for a standard bookcase.

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