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Playing an Instrument: A Valuable Prepper Secret

There are plenty of websites out there that can tell you why preppers should get a water filter. But there’s more to life than water. For all you know, your life-saving skill might be playing the guitar. Here’s why.

Most folks’ only interactions with making music are through their high school band or orchestra. Come adulthood, the activity is often dropped to make time for more mature responsibilities (like prepping, for example). But all too often, people overlook the possibility that playing music will HELP them in their SHTF plans.

It’s Good For You

There are countless studies out there that tell you that making music is good for the mind. It can relieve stress, help process emotions, and inspire you. But that’s not all. Playing an instrument regularly helps develop better focus, better on-the-fly math, better hearing, and a sense of discipline. You don’t need electricity to play (most) instruments. These are all fantastic traits to refine if you’re wanting to be prepared for a disaster.

It’s Good For Others

The nice thing about playing music is that it can entertain others. It can help relieve stress and inspire listeners as much as the player. People like hearing music. If you’re bunkering with others, or simply want to make a good impression in a post-apocalypse world, playing an instrument is a good way to do it. It makes their lives better as well as your own.

What To Play

Honestly, whatever you want. The acoustic guitar is one of the most popular choices. You can find a complete beginner’s set by Fender for a fair price. Harmonicas are a common prepper or traveler option due to their small, portable size. But there are tons of instruments. Violins, trumpets, saxophones, and steel drums are only a few examples. Choose whatever interests you the most.

You never know, music might just save your life.

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