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New Bill to Restrict the Sale of DIY Gun Kits

A new bill is passing through the House or Representatives. This bill, dubbed the “3–D Firearms Prohibitions Act,” would prohibit the sale of unconstructed firearm parts with the intention of the purchaser to build their own gun from home.

The formal title of H. R. 7115 was introduced into the house in early November. The overall intention of the bill is to stop people from building guns from home and to require that they register said guns if they build one anyway.

Bill Details

The bill contains three important sections. The first states that assault rifle kits, machine gun kits, incomplete objects that can be made into a makeshift firearm, and objects that are not considered firearms at the point of sale but can be made into one after, will be considered hazardous products under the Consumer Product Safety Act.

The second section states that it is unlawful to advertise or market the sale of any of the items described above.

The third section states that you need to have a serial number for a homemade firearm.

A person who has attained 18 years of age and desires to make a firearm, or obtain a unique serial number or other identifying mark for a firearm, may request a licensed dealer to issue a unique serial number or other identifying mark for the firearm, which request shall describe the firearm involved, and state whether the firearm will be (or is) a handgun.

H. R. 7115

They continue to state that you have to do this BEFORE making the gun, not after.

What This Means for Us.

In short, while American citizens are still allowed to make their own firearms, as that is their right, they might register said firearms with a serial number. People and business are not allowed to sell gun parts with the intention of building your own gun, however.

While this may seem like a restriction on our right to bear arms. This is a law I can approve of. Firearms are powerful devices that should be built by a professional. I can easily imagine someone breaking their wrist or blowing their hand off trying to shoot an incorrectly made gun from home.

Whether you agree with this bill or not, the best way to make a change would be to contact your appointed House Representative and expressing your position to them. They exist to represent you. The official House website has a page for helping you find out who your representative is.

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