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While prepping requires a lot of independence – when it comes to supplying your own food, etc. – you should engage with other preppers to maximize the benefits of prepping. After all, pack mentality is incredibly helpful if you want to survive and thrive in disastrous situations.

This is why we’re going to provide you with a list of resources to help you communicate with other preppers and create a tight-knit association with them to ensure you’ll stay safe and healthy throughout any disaster.

Sources of Communication

There are plenty of ways to contact and connect with other preppers (or your loved ones to tell them you are okay, etc.). Here are just a few that we advise:

Your Phone

Your phone is today’s swiss army knife (okay, you may need a swiss army knife). You’ll be able to communicate via text message or phone call.

Mobile Communication Apps

So, first thing’s first: You need to communicate with friends and/or other preppers. One way to do that, if you do not have enough signal where you are, is to download specific apps. After all, you may have Wi-Fi or a decent 4G (or 5G) signal down the road. Some mobile communication apps include:


Telegram boasts that it is the fastest messaging app, but what matters is privacy and cost. It aims to stay free and its privacy features plenty of encryption.


Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging services in the world, with the reason being that it is very easy to set up.


Line is super popular (at least in Asia, anyway), but it is home to more than 600 million users. You can make calls to landlines and Line to Line video and voice calls are free of charge.


Snapchat allows you to share photos and videos that will completely disappear after a certain amount of time (brief).


Though Discord is geared towards gamers, this social tool is helpful for various other groups, including preppers. There are a couple of Prepper Discord servers, including our own:

Prep’s Life Discord Channel

Geordie Prepper’s Discord Channel

Of course, it can’t hurt to make your own! If you create a group, let us know!


Reddit is also known as the front page on the internet, and for good reason. There are over a million subreddits to explore, meaning that you can access plenty of good prepper subreddits. Some subreddits you can join are:


This subreddit fosters the learning and sharing of information that will aid in times of disaster or emergencies.



This subreddit focuses on meal prepping, so you can save time and money on your food. You can also store these meals in case of emergencies.


Survivalist Prepper (@prepsurvive)

Survivalist Prepper offers personal family and protection as well as prepping and survival tips. There are over 6k followers, so you can easily converse and connect with them.

Preppers Guide (@PreppersGuide)

More specifically, this is known as the Doomsday Preppers Guide, and its Twitter page not only offers direct tips but also features over 16k followers, whom you can easily connect with.


Prepper Living

Prepper Living offers a Facebook page for those who want to connect on a popular social media platform. The page is incredibly popular, boasting 197,521 followers (at the time of this writing, anyway). You can contact the page, or you can explore its posts, the community, its official Twitter, photos, Amazon items, Pinterest page, videos, and more.

Survivalist Prepper

While Survivalist Prepper has its own site and Twitter page, its Facebook page is pretty popular, with 14,661 followers and 14,550 as of this writing. Here, you can check out its community sections, which features many followers sharing their prepping experiences, news, and more.

Everything Prepping & Survival

If you want an actual Facebook group, then you should consider the Everything Prepping & Survival community. This group offers not only advice on prepping but also photos and other interesting tidbits. As of now, 2,333 follow this page.


Prepper Groups, or, offers two useful areas: a forum, where you can connect with other preppers and either seek advice or start a group, and the main contact site, where you can create or join a group using your contact information. Keep in mind that posts are deleted after two years in order to keep information current.

Preppers Meetups

While I could list each Prepper Meetup group individually, it’s best to clump them all together, as there are too many to list. Meetup is a great place to meet with local preppers and band together in order to thrive in survivalist conditions.

Some examples of prepper groups you can find on Meetup are:

  • Dutchess County Survival Group
  • Sustainable & Self-Reliant Living Network – Florida Region 4
  • Ontario Prepper Survival Network
  • Charleston Wilderness Survival/Preppers Meetup
  • Survival Rendezvous (Mesa, AZ)
  • Wisdom Keepers (Portland, OR)
  • Survive to Thrive – Columbus (Columbus, OH)

At the time of this writing, there are 141 Meetups prepping, with 36,178 involved in those Meetups. In other words, this is a golden nugget of networking for preppers.

American Preppers Network

The American Preppers Network offers a community for preppers around the nation. Not only are there featured and daily articles to peruse through, but the site contains a list of Survival Blogs, Expos, Prepper Reviews, and more.

Best of all, you can connect with other preppers via its massive forum (404 active members) and the official American Preppers Network Facebook group (230,947 likes as of this writing).

Southeastern Preppers Network

The Southeastern Prepper’s Network is essentially a prepper’s network tailored towards those living in the southeast United States. While the site focuses on a forum format, you’ll also find upcoming southeastern events, news from Fox and Reuters, blogs, organic prepping tips, and more.

Gulf Coast Preppers

The Gulf Coast Prepper network focuses on survivalists and preppers located in South Alabama, South Missippi, and select areas in the Florida panhandle. The organization understands what it means to survive as a wolf pack and it invites preppers from the specified areas to network and help each other in times of preparation and crisis. There are no membership fees or secret handshakes, but you must be determined and serious if you wish to be invited to retreat locations.

Prepper Living Forum

Yes, there is a Facebook group for Prepper Living, but did you know that there is a Prepper Living forum? There, you can ask fellow preppers questions revolving survival – e.g. bug out locations, bushcrafting, communications, weaponry, first aid, gardening, “lady” prepping, off-grid prepping, prepper projects, and more. Most importantly, the forums offer a section for the formation of prepper groups.

We will update as we find more groups down the road, but for now, keep in mind of these sites, forums, and groups and utilize them to their fullest extent. After all, safety in numbers.

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