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A Massive Blizzard is Heading for the U.S. Midwest

Rough news comes to a big chunk of the American North-West. A number of weather forecasters are predicting a massive winter storm later this week.

Blizzard warnings are now in effect for six different states, mostly between Colorado and Minnesota. Fox News Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean calls it “historic” in intensity. According to the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center, the estimated areas will be plagued with heavy snow by Wednesday Night.

“We could see 6 to 12, to 24 inches of snow, winds in excess of 35, even 50 mph. Travel is going to be impossible in some of these areas.”

Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean

“A swath of 1 to 2 feet of snow is forecast for the Central/Northern Plains and into Western Minnesota through Thursday evening, with locally higher amounts.

the National Weather Service

This is some hardcore danger for those intended to travel during this time. So we wanted to reiterate on some past advice.

Driving in the snow isn’t like driving in the sun or rain. It presents a slew of unique and complicated problems. Not giving the weather conditions proper respect while driving can be reckless and dangerous. Check out our guide on how to drive in the winter snow for more information that’ll keep you safe.

More than the roads, snow and cold can affect the human body as well. If you want to maintain peak physical condition, regardless of precipitation, you may want to adjust some eating and fitness habits for the duration of the winter storm. We have a small guide on how to stay healthy in the winter season that should apply well enough.

Stay warm, stay safe. These are the kind of issues prepper prepare for.

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