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How to Stay Healthy in the Winter Season

Some of the more health-conscious may already know this, but the winter season is the least healthy one all year. The harsh climate, lack of sunlight, and diminished veggie supply mean we as humans are least likely to get all the exercise and nutrition we need during this time. That’s one reason why most people get sick during the winter. If you want to be prepared, you have to keep yourself healthy during any season. Here’s how you can get the nutrients you need.

The Bad Things Winter Does

According to a report by Healthline, cold air is a common factor in the wellness of an individual. Rhinovirus and influenza, the two most common viruses are at peak in the winter, due to their increased resilience to the cold. The cold, dry air allows for viruses to more easily infect through the nasal passage.

The cold also sickens our mind. Often called Seasonal Affective Disorder, the bleak, cold, climate of winter will cause many folks to become depressed. This can lead to lethargy, lack of appetite or overly abundant comfort foods, anxiety, and irritability. All of these things hinder a healthy and prepared lifestyle. Some scientists believe that the imbalance of serotonin and melatonin from normal sunlight are a contributing factor to this.

Nutrients to Focus On

Since we often lack the needed nutrition in the winter. Here are some recommended items of focus, and the foods they are found in. Consuming the proper amount of these will help offset the illness and unhappiness mentioned above.

  • Protein: eggs, meats, yogurts, nuts
  • Collagen: Bone Broth
  • Beta-carotene: carrots, red bell peppers, lettuce, broccoli
  • Vitamin B6: meat, potatoes, tofu, bananas
  • Vitamin B9: avocados, beets, citrus
  • Vitamin C: grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, tomatoes
  • Vitamin D: fatty fish, whole milk, this one is weird, so you may want to look for foods “fortified with vitamin D”
  • Vitamin E: almonds, mangoes, papayas, pumpkin
  • Magnesium: hazelnuts, snack nuts, dark chocolate, blackberries
  • Selenium: brazil nuts, chicken, eggs, halibut, oysters
  • Zinc: crab, lobster, red meat, poultry, avocado, blackberries

Stay healthy, preppers.

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