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Five Ways to Prevent a Package Thief From Stealing Your Mail

Christmas is coming and everyone is buying presents online. Unfortunately, this also means that opportunistic package thieves are on the prowl for porch-side products to pilfer. But fear not: there are ways you can prevent it.

Package thieves, sometimes known as porch pirates, are opportunistic people. They see something potentially valuable sitting there unattended and they think it’ll be an easy steal. When it happens, the person who bought the item then has to argue with both the seller and the shipping company about who is at fault, sometimes leaving the buyer to recoup the loss. It sucks. But it can be avoided. Here are a few suggestions on how to prevent a package thief. 

  1. Security Cameras. Doorbell based cameras are becoming increasingly common. Ring is one popular company for it. These record video feeds of your porch. This means that you have a clean and clear feed of your porch. This can both notify you of packages when they arrive and have video proof of package theft. You can scare away thieves by having a sign that says you have hidden cameras, too (even if you don’t actually have one).
  2. Change Delivery Options. Many mail services like USPS, UPS, and FedEx offer online delivery changes. This ranges from rerouting to a new location, adding a signature requirement, or changing time of delivery. Sometimes there is a fee to do this, but it can guarantee that the package being mailed will be delivered securely.
  3. Deliver it Somewhere Else. If you have the option, some people will have packages delivered to their workplace instead of their home. That way it stays safely held onto by a populated location, where you can pick it up before you leave. Not all workplaces are ok with this, so ask a manager. Alternatively, if you have a trusted friend that you know will be home during usually delivery hours, you can send it to them.
  4. Hide the Package Well. If they don’t see the package, they won’t think to steal it. This can be done by offering easy ways to hide the package. This can be by having decorations on your porch or a decorative fence. My personal favorite is having a patio storage box out front with discreet (not visible from street) instructions to leave packages inside of it. This is extra beneficial because it hides the package and keeps it out of bad weather.
  5. Select the Pickup-In-Store Option. Many online stores offer “pickup-in-store” as an alternative delivery option. This will pull from local store stock. If the local store doesn’t have one, they will deliver it there. This option is nice because it’s not left unattended and often offers free delivery. The downside is needed to stop by that location to pick up the delivery.

There are tons of awful, selfish people out there that would love to steal your mail. We have to do what we can to keep them from ruining our holiday season.

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