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How to Easily Grow Cucumbers in Limited Space

In the past, we talked about the wonders of potatoes, now we’re back to talk about cucumbers. These long, green boys are another wonderful prepper vegetable. They’re hydrating and nutritious (somewhat), and are a major component in a common preservative, the mighty pickle.

Even better, pickles have a helpful trick that helps aid in their growth and Maintainance, making them one of the easier veggies to tend to. You won’t even need to expand your garden.

The Secret? Straw Bales

That’s right, straw bale gardening is becoming an increasingly common gardening technique. It allows people to grow a fair number of cucumbers with limited space.

The size is perfect for the veggie. Its enough to the plant to vine down appropriately. The straw also retains the moisture of the planting soil perfectly to promote growth. The straw also keeps weeds out, minimizing the need for weeding, which means less fighting over nutrients.

The Process

Planting the cucumber plant isn’t difficult. Cut three evenly spaced holes in the bale in a triangular formation. Each hole should be 6 inches wide and eight inches deep. How you go about cutting these holes is up to you, be it an electrical tool, or just a knife.

Fill the holes with soil mixture. Some people suggest a combination of compost, potting soil, and worm castings for cucumber plants. Plant it, water it, and voila, you’re done.

You can use a trellis if you want to limit the travel of the vines. Either way, come season’s end, you’ll find yourself with at least a bushel of cucumbers per bale. Once the plant passes, you compost the remains and prepare for next season.

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