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How Sleeping Pads Could Keep You Alive

One of the key components of being prepared is finding unorthodox solutions to a problem. This means finding all the ways normal items can be used elsewhere. This time we’re talking about sleeping pads. Here are 5 ways a sleeping pad can be used to solve a problem.


The most obvious solution, sleeping pads keep you away from the cold ground. Their heat retention doesn’t stop there, however. It can be used as a shield from colder elements. Curve it behind you when facing a fire for a nice way to take in the warmth.

Melt Snow

Shape the pad into a funnel, place that funnel over a pot, and toss snow into the funnel. Placing this in direct sunlight will help melt the snow. Even better if it’s a dark-colored pad.


It can make an effective covering to a shelter, and itself can cover just enough area for one person to stay dry.

Frostbite Prevention

Fear for your feet? Cutting up the sleeping pad and fashioning them into “shoes” works as an emergency tactic to keep your extremities safe from the harsh cold.

Save fuel

Food and water will stay hotter for longer when its container is wrapped up in a strip of the sleeping pad!

Some uses seem silly, but silly is better than dead if you ask me.

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