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NASA Anticipates a Global Magnetic Shift

It’s no secret that the planet hasn’t been in good shape. The big question is when and how will things fall apart. NASA has chimed in about this, believing that the Earth’s magnetic poles are going to shift.

“Historically, Earth’s North and South magnetic poles have flipped every 200,000 or 300,000 years—except right now, they haven’t flipped successfully for about 780,000 years. But the planet’s magnetic field is at long last showing signs of shifting.”

This scientific phenomenon happens because the iron and nickel resting in the Earth’s core are beginning to leak, an event that is distorting the planet’s magnetic fields. So far this has only had a small effect on things, such as changes in weather and strange animal behavior. As it continues, its expected to get worse.

What can we do about this? According to NASA, when a magnetic shift occurs we will see an increase in radiation levels around the world. A number of other scientific firms suggest that various locations will become either difficult or impossible to live in.  2012 movie anyone?

To predict when and where these radiation spikes would occur is almost impossible. Either way, it may not hurt to invest in a Geiger Counter.

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