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How Honey Helps With Your Health: Medical Uses

Honey, the sweet and sticky nectar of the bees. It’s ability to be healthier alternatives while also never expiring already makes it a fantastic survival food. Unbeknown to most, it also has a number of medical uses. Assuming its genuine honey, and not the artificial kinds of honey you might find in some grocery stores.

Minor Cuts

Genuine honey is a natural antibiotic. This makes it a good emergency replacement for antibiotic ointment for minor cuts to avoid infection. Make sure you clean the wound and control the bleeding first, of course.

Minor Burns

Much like with cuts, the sappy substance makes for a good burn gel. It will prevent infection while also promoting faster healing. Be sure to apply very gently, though.

Seasonal Allergies

You’d think that something that comes from a swarm of flower harvesting insects wouldn’t be the best for you seasonal allergies, but it’s quite the opposite. A teaspoon of a local honey, perhaps mixed into a tea, is a great way to inoculate yourself to local allergens. Become your enemy and all that.

Sore Throat

This one is the most common medical usage of honey. Warm honey, taken straight or in a warm beverage, is a good way to soothe a sore throat as well as coughing. This is a common tactic used by Choir members to preserve their precious singing voice.

There are many reasons to make honey a part of your prep kit, here are 4 more.

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