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Hikers Insurance is On-Demand Coverage for the Active Prepper

Everywhere we go, insurance is involved. Car insurance covers our backs when an unexpected collision occurs, home insurance helps recuperate from property damage, and health insurance covers our basic medical emergencies. But for some, they need more. For those constantly out in the wilderness, trekking on foot, they need hikers insurance.

A new company has sprouted up recently, called Buddy. Formed by Jay Paul and David Vogeleer, Buddy is an “on-demand accident insurance product.” In simple terms, they’re hikers insurance.

Hiking has a certain danger to it. You’re far from most civilization, traversing areas not always meant for human travel. If you were to slip, fall, or otherwise incapacitate yourself, rescue and recovery can be difficult. It can also be rather expensive. With the current United States health insurance climate looking the way it is, most insurers still require large deductibles or heft co-pays. The risk of financial ruin, even while insured, has dissuaded many folks from going out and hiking.

Hikers insurance was built specifically to help people like this. You aren’t hiking every day, all year. Maybe it’s once a month, or seasonal. That’s why they have a wide variety of coverage durations. They want you to be able to call, say you want coverage for a hike through the woods after work, and you’ll be set to go before you leave the office.

They also don’t punish interested clients for risky behavior. Some health insurers will decline certain benefits if you’re kayaking or downhill mountain biking. Buddy has made it clear that they don’t care what you were doing, you’ll still be covered.

I’m sorry if this sounds overly promotional. We aren’t affiliated with Buddy and were not sponsored by them. There are a few others out there that offer the same thing, like World Nomads. But this is a great thing for many folks into the prepper lifestyle. Cave-diving this weekend? Monthly hunting retreats? If you’re planning something with the potential for danger, this seems like a great option.

For an individual backpacking plan, the cost ranges from about $10 to $50 a month, while family plans run from about $24 a day to $138 a month. Because insurance is regulated at the state level, Buddy must be approved by each state. To date, it’s available in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

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