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Easily Forgotten Supplies when Prepping Your Livestock

Livestock and pets are a major investment in the preposphere. They can provide needed companionship or important resources when living independently from society. But like any living thing, they require significantly more planning and precaution when prepping. here are a few things to consider when stockpiling supplies for livestock and other animals.

Medical Supplies

It’s easy to forget that animals get sick and injured too. But since they aren’t human (we hope), they need special, different medical equipment to stay healthy when they are unwell.

They will need specific medicines. Make sure you have scours and bloat treatments in stock as well as antibacterial solutions. Honey can be used to treat wounds and infections and cornstarch can be used to keep flies out of wounds, but vet wraps will be more effective.

Unorthodox Solutions

If you don’t want to overly invest in expensive medical solutions, there are a number of trusted procedures using household supplies. Above we mentioned what honey and cornstarch can do. You can also use apple cider vinegar mixed into their water to promote healthy immune systems. Sugar sprinkled on an animal’s prolapse will help reduce size. Small doses of activated charcoal can help soak out poisons from an animal gut.

Just make sure you research the proper dosages for your animals ahead of time.

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