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Do You Need a Bug Out Location?

Depending on what you are prepping for, you might want to establish a Bug Out Location (BOL). Having the right BOL is important, it needs to fit your physical and mental needs.

Why need a BOL? The reasons vary from societal collapse, to war, to natural disaster. Either you need to live off the grid in safe solitude, or your home has been ruined and you need a safe and reliable place to stay. It could even just be a nice place to vacation to sometimes.

The basic requirements of a BOL is a place that you can reside that has year-round access to food, water, and shelter. Usually, this means a cabin in the woods where one can hunt and access a well, spring, or rainwater collection tanks. Finding and purchasing property that fits these requirements should be fairly easy to do, especially in rural areas.

Are you alone? This is something often overlooked and is a vital aspect of one’s mental well being. While some folks are happy by themselves or with only their family, others will want a greater degree of social interaction. If you want a BOL near a small town or local village, be sure to scope the area out and get a feel for the people who live there. Consider all of this when choosing a location.

Other factors to consider are:

  • Distance from home
  • Climate
  • Price
  • Local laws

Maybe a BOL is the right option for you. Worst case scenario: you never need it, and it makes a good vacation home.

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