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Scientists Claim A 12-Year Time Limit on Fixing the Planet

You may have heard more talk about climate change these last few days. There’s a reason for that. The United Nations are now claiming that we have 12 years to fix the planet before it reaches the point of no return.

According to a scientific report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released on Monday, if the world doesn’t keep temperatures between 1.5C and 2C over the next 12 years, the planet will exhibit significantly worse droughts, floods, heat waves, and other natural disasters that will threaten human livelihood.

The report continues, stating that ocean coral will be destroyed harming oceanic eco-systems. And in turn, potential fish supply. A 0.5C change would cut the insect and crop pollination habitat in half, making it more difficult to grow food.

Debra Roberts, a co-chair of the working group on impacts, calls it “a line in the sand and what it says to our species is that this is the moment and we must act now.”

The call to action given was that carbon pollution would have to be cut by 45% before the year 2030, and to zero percent by 2050.

But the promise of change is looking unlikely. US President Donald Trump has promised to withdraw the country from the Paris climate agreement. With America being one of the biggest producers of carbon emissions, their participation is vital to making this plan work.

In Short: there’s an increasingly large chance that freak storms and chaos weather will be the SHTF that finally brings the world to ruins. This is rough news for preppers who intended to live off the land in a remote cabin. Previously chosen bug-out cabins might not have the local flora or fauna previously relied on for off-the-grid sustenance.

image: A nearly ice-free Northwest Passage in the Arctic in August 2016. Photograph: VIIRS/Suomi NPP/Nasa

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  1. Charles Freeman January 8, 2022

    This is just fearmongering & propaganda to get the US to submit to socialist rule. Don’t believe it. It’s not science, it’s politics.

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