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Best Suggestions for Disaster Prepper Podcasts

With the rise of the internet, finding information has never been so easy. But not all information is in the same formats. We write all sorts of written articles about prepping, if you can’t sit and read them, they’re no good. That’s why podcasts are becoming an increasingly common media format.

With podcasts, you can listen on the drive to work, during your morning jog, or even during your warehouse shift (if your employer allows it). This allows people to take in new information, entertaining media, and more, without dedicating your focus to the screen.

But what about prepping. There are countless prepper podcasts out there and it can be overwhelming for people new to podcasting. So here’s a good starting point. I’ve selected four podcasts, each covering different aspects of prepping, ranging from fun to informational.

Camping Survival Stories: Out Alive
best prepper podcast suggestions

Out Alive, by BackPacker, tells the stories of real people who had found themselves in far more dangerous situations than expected while in the wilderness. Their first episode is about being buried in an avalanche for example. A relatively new podcast, there are only two episodes available. Either way, it’s both intense and a learning opportunity. Each episode is about 30 minutes long.

For Fun: Bunker Buddies
best prepper podcast suggestions

Bunker Buddies, by MaximumFun, is a more casual and humorous take on disaster prepping. Originally hosted by Podcast celebrity Travis McElroy and their friend Andie, Travis has since departed, with Ben taking their place. They frequently have guests on the show, talking about a wide variety of different prepping aspects, all while keeping it casual and friendly. The show averages around 70 minutes an episode.

Informational: The Survivalist Prepper Podcast
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The Survivalist Prepper Podcast is one of the most popular disaster prep podcasts there are. Very informational, they cover everything a prepper should know, from urban bug outs to livestock management. If you want to learn something new, check them out. Each episode is about 50 minutes long.

Global News Podcast

Global News Podcast, by the BBC, is one of the most reliable ways to stay up to date about world news. A SHTF scenario won’t happen naturally, at least not likely, so it’s important to stay up to date on current events. This is the best way to do it. They post two episodes every weekday, and one every weekend day, each about 30 minutes long. You don’t have to listen to every episode, but you can pick and download any that catch your interest.

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