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The Best Advice For Prepping With Children

Not every prepper is a single adult with only themselves to rely on. More times than not they’re people with significant others, and even children. And while they might be prepared, can they say the same for their kids?

Kids rely on their parents to teach them how to survive in the world. Usually, this means things like learning to use a toilet and how to ride a bike, but there can be more. Here are a few things that every prepper parent should instill in their children while they’re young.

Situational Awareness

This is something we’ve talked about before. If you’re aware of your surroundings, you can notice a problem before it even happens. This gives you more time to respond to the issue and, if needed, get safe. In our article, Get in the Habit of Spotting a Threat, we talk about game-like ways you can train yourself to be situationally aware. Try playing these games with your kids when driving.

First Aid

Everyone gets hurt, especially children. The parents will tend to their wounds when young. But eventually, they will be the one tending to wounds. You can help them be confident and composed when doing so by training them as a kid. When they have cuts or scrapes, have them help you tend to it. Tell them to rinse it under water, or to be the one that dabs it in alcohol. This helps to normalize the process, making them more OK with it in the future.

You can also teach them more major first aid, or better yet, bring them to classes. Look online for local classes that will teach first aid, CPR, etc for children. If you would prefer home classes, purchase The Scouting Guide to First Aid, a Boy Scouts of America certified manual. This is a great resource for teaching kids how to handle medical issues like splints and burns, and as something they can reference in the future.

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Fire Arm Safety

The idea of owning guns in a family with children is a more controversial one. We aren’t here to tell you what’s right or wrong. But if you’re going to have a gun in a house with kids, here’s some wisdom you should follow.

Everyone can agree that guns are dangerous if not taken seriously. Your firearms should be locked away in a safe or other secure container and placed out of reach of your children. If and when you determine that your kids are grown and mature enough, sit them down and explain the importance of proper gun safety. If they’re comfortable learning more, and are old enough, take them to a registered gun range and teach them to fire the weapon. Only after they’ve both handled a firearm and understand the dangers, should you permit access to your firearms for use in emergencies.

How to Stay Composed

Kids are emotional. There are plenty of YouTube videos of toddlers crying because the sky isn’t green enough. You as a parent can help them be better about it. By recognizing when they are upset and helping them process it calmly, you can help them develop the same habits into adulthood. That composure will be a life-saver in dangerous scenarios.

I remember when I was young and crying about something. My father would speak calmly to me. He would tell me to breathe slowly, and to take a breath whenever I wasn’t doing so. He would tell me to explain what is wrong. That wisdom has stuck with me even today. I can’t tell you how many times just the “breath slowly” advice has helped me keep calm during tense and stressful situations.

And More

Of course, raising a child means teaching them just about everything. But here are a few things that would be helpful for them when developing a self-sufficient adult.

  • Teach them how to cook
  • Have them try and guide you home when driving (develops a sense of direction)
  • How to use tools
  • Staying properly warm in the cold
  • healthy food habits
  • Self-defense tactics
  • How to garden
  • How to tend to animals
  • How to Fish
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