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60 Seconds! The Nuclear War Survival Game

Do you remember the Cold War? There was a great deal of tension between the U.S. and Russia. Many lived in fear that nuclear war would break out, and had fallout shelters prepared for such an occasion. 60 Seconds! is a game about exactly that.

You play as a standard suburban man named Ted. You have 60 seconds to run around your home and gather whatever you can to put in your shelter before the bombs go off. Once bunkered down, you have to survive as long as you can, ideally until the government comes to save the day.

This forces the player to think about what they are grabbing. If you take too long to collect items, the bombs will explode before you’re safe. Choosing what to bring is a critical component of success. Seeing how the game changes based on this decision allows the game to stay equally enjoyable, even after multiple playthroughs.

60 Seconds! is a fun way to play out how things might go in a post-war disaster scenario. I hope you’re prepared.

“60 Seconds!” is available for Windows, Mac, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android for $9.99.

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